RSS : News for UMMail Status Announcement RSS news feed from NEWS SERVER en-gb University Of Malaya en-gb Disruption of UM ICT IT Services - published on 22 Apr 2011 <p></p> Dear UM users <p>There will be a disruption of UM ICTIT Services on 30th April 9:00am until 2nd May 2011 10:00 pm.</p> <p>The disruption is due to appliance upgrading and recabling at Data Centre.</p> <p>This exercise will cause the whole UM IT serviceswebsite clien 22 Apr 2011 22 Apr 2011 PARTICIPATION IN UM TENDER / QUOTATION - published on 11 Feb 2011 <p><font color=ff0000>Dear UM users</font></p> <p><font color=ff0000>ALL Vendors / Contractors who are interested to participate in any UM Tender or Quotation exercise must register via the online Vendor Portal at</font></p> <font color=ff0000>Vendor 11 Feb 2011 11 Feb 2011 UMISIS DATABASE SERVICE DISRUPTION 29/1/2011 - published on 28 Jan 2011 <p style=textalign: justify><font color=ff0000>Dear UM users</font></p> <p style=textalign: justify><font color=ff0000>UM s Integrated Student Information Student UMISIS Database will be temporarily down on :</font></p> <p style=textalign: justify><font color=ff0 28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011 DISTRUPTION OF DUPLICATES EMAILS 19/1/2011 - published on 19 Jan 2011 <font color=00c000>Dear UM users<br /> <br /> We noticed that certain emails from UMINFO are duplicates.<br /> <br /> Our Data Centre team is is addressing the problem as we speak.<br /> <br /> We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience... <br /> <br / 19 Jan 2011 19 Jan 2011 BACK ONLINE THE INTERNET CONNECTION HAS BEEN RESTORED ...18/1/2011 - published on 18 Jan 2011 <font color=cc0000>Dear UM users<br /> <br /> Please be informed that the Internet connection has been restored at about 1:30 PM today. However the access rate is still below the optimal capacity due to technical issues at our Internet service provider ISP level.<br /> 18 Jan 2011 18 Jan 2011 DISTRUPTION OF NETWORK CONNECTION 18/1/2011 - published on 18 Jan 2011 <font color=cc0000>Dear UM users<br /> <br /> We are currently facing some network connection problem between our network to Jaring. Resulting in access problem to all outside domains.<br /> <br /> Jaring technical support team is addressing the problem as we speak.<br /> <br /> We apo 18 Jan 2011 18 Jan 2011 ICT ALERT : Bogus Email Messages Circulating - published on 13 Jan 2011 Dear users<br /> <br /> <u><strong>WARNING</strong></u>: A NEW Bogus email message with UMrsquos logo and subject : quotNoticequot has been circulating that claimed to be from University of Malaya. For your information account does not exist in the s 13 Jan 2011 13 Jan 2011 UMPORTAL SERVICE DISTRUPTION 12/1/2011 - published on 12 Jan 2011 Dear UM Portal users <p>There is a disruption of UM Portal service <a href= target=blank></a></p> <p>PTMData Center are in the midst of resolving the problem.</p> <p>We apologize for any inconvenience caused.</p> 12 Jan 2011 12 Jan 2011 LIMITATION MAIL CLIENT INBOX - published on 10 Jan 2011 Dear Users <br /> <br /> For users who are using Mail Clients such as Microsoft Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook Express please be inform that there <font color=ff0000><strong>are limitation</strong></font> to which your INBOX or respected folder can hold.<br /> <br /> We 10 Jan 2011 10 Jan 2011 UMMail Mailing List System Service Disruption 28th December 2010 - published on 28 Dec 2010 Dear Users<br /> <br /> We are now facing some distruption to our mailing list service. Our data centre team are addressing the problem now.<br /> <br /> We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience...<br /> <br /> Regards 28 Dec 2010 28 Dec 2010